About Rock The Arts Puppets

Rock the Arts Puppets was created when Sarah Argue got bored with her 9 to 5 office job. She began puppet building and Creatureville was born.

Her studio now houses over 100 puppets that tour across Canada with 6 original shows and one main goal: bringing people together to laugh! 

Meet The Human Behind The Puppets

Hi, it’s me! Sarah Argue. I am the creator of Rock the Arts Puppets. So you want to know “About” me. I believe life is short so I made a choice to do something that would make my heart happy everyday which meant performing. I believe everyone has a story and I would like to give everyone a break from their story and bring a little joy and laughter to kids and adults alike.

While at my office job I took one puppet-making course with Noreen Young from ‘Under the Umbrella Tree’ and I was hooked! So I quit my job, brushed the dust off my Brock University Degree in Theatre and Performing Arts and started creating.

Fast forward several years and I have built over 100 puppet characters that live in Creatureville. Rock the Arts Puppets now tours 6 shows across Canada that have been written, created and brought to life by me. From a snow castle in Yellowknife to theatres in British Columbia, to International Puppet Festivals, to the CNE in Toronto, we do it all. When the company is not touring, I am creating in my studio in the woods and enjoying time with my human family of course!

I have been fortunate to get the opportunity to study and work with puppeteers that I watched as a child from “Fraggle Rock” (Trish Leeper and Mike Peterson) and “Under the Umbrella Tree” (Noreen Young, Bob Stutt and Stephen Brathwaite). I am so thankful for all the families that come to our shows and continually support my Creatureville dream. Giving an audience a chance to take a break from life and laugh is what makes my heart happy and why I do what I do! I can’t wait to see you all soon in Creatureville for some free hugs!