Rock the Arts is an Ottawa based professional puppet company that tours year round bringing their handmade puppets to you! They have traveled across Canada and to Sydney Australia where they  performed and taught at after school programs. They have appeared on YTV’s Saturday morning Crunch, CTV’s Regional Contact and Rogers Ottawa. The Rock the Arts Puppets live in Creatureville but humans are always welcome to join them in their imaginative world.


Sarah Argue is the creator of Rock the Arts and one of the hands behind the puppets. Sarah has traveled in the United States for three years performing professional, educational, improvisational-based family shows. She has lived and performed at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre, Six Flags in Los Angeles, and Branson Missouri. She has also graced the George Theatre in New York City as well as the Galveston Texas Grand Opera House.


Sarah, like many other children, grew up watching and loving puppets. Her love and passion for the art of puppetry has driven her to make a career out of it. She now has over 80 hand made puppets living with her and she never forgets any of their names. Sarah’s University degree in Theatre Performing Arts and puppeteer training with “Fraggle Rock’s” Trish Leeper and “Under the Umbrella Tree’s” Noreen Young has given her the skills to make her handmade puppets come alive and bring laughter wherever they go!

In The News

“I marvel at the way Rock the Arts puts smiles on faces and makes people break out
in laughter!” .
International Puppet Festival
“Sarah has boundless energy, talent and charm.  She is a force to be reckoned with and I foresee a bright future for her as a family entertainer/puppet presenter.”
Noreen Young from Under the Umbrella Tree
“Creativity and Puppetry that piques the children’s imagination.”
EMC Newspaper
“We love how the humans look in the audience.”
Ned the Puppet
“The Rock the Arts performers are phenomenal puppeteers, they have a high energy, enthusiasm and an obvious love for the work that they do.”
Production Ottawa

Rock the Arts mesmerizes kids at the International Puppet Festival


Rock the Arts Hope Puppet and Gold on the Hill head to Parliament Hill for Childhood Cancer Rally


Flush with Plush- Rock the Arts Puppets take over Chilliwack BC


Adventures in Creatureville with Rock the Arts


Rock the Arts Puppets on Regional Contact-CTV


Superhero Showdown @ Ottawa Fringe 2013


Puppets coming to Rock the Arts at Renfrew Fair


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